Guided by the founders’ four pillars for success, Faith, Family, Fitness and Finance, the great staff, crew and management of The Poore Organization enjoy a fun and flexible workplace, where all are supported and treated like family.

Offering flexible hours, weekly paychecks and the opportunity to grow and move up, Mr. and Mrs. Poore encourage their employees to continue to develop personally and professionally - be it a high school student working their first job or a career-oriented professional looking to advance, like most of The Poore Organization’s management and executive team, within the company.

Modern and forward-thinking, The Poore Organization’s restaurants boast ever-new menu items, updated facilities, self-service kiosk ordering and mobile order pay.

If you are interested in seeing how your smile, enthusiasm, skills and abilities fit with our family-oriented business, check out our exciting job opportunities. Simply select the location below where you'd like to apply, then you'll be directed to the open positions at that location.

What's It Like To Work for McDonald's?

West 71st Street

McDonalds #7289
6056 W 71st St
Indianapolis, IN 46278

GM: Quenna Lyle

Georgetown Rd.

McDonalds #11652
4802 W 57th St
Indianapolis, IN 46254

GM: Gail Rogers


McDonalds #34689
6235 S Heartland Dr
Whitestown, IN 46077

GM: Courtney Bullock


McDonalds #36748
5617 N Michigan Rd
Indianapolis, IN 45228

GM: Dwone Hibbler

W. 16th Street

3435 W 16th St
Indianapolis, IN 46222
(317) 632-3863

GM: Bob Booker

W. Morris Street

3828 W Morris St.
Indianapolis, IN 46241
(317) 241-6219

GM: Juan Gonzalez